The IR Academy launched in 2021 and has a small but growing membership. Given the current global pandemic which has so devastated our industry, the launch is low key and online only at this stage.

There is no membership fee. There are two general requirements to be eligible for membership of the IR Academy:

  • You must work (or have previously worked) in the industry, which we define as any one of the following:
    • At an integrated resort (IR) or legal land-based gaming operator in Asia (in a gaming or non-gaming function) [how we define Asia]
    • At a manufacturer, vendor or supplier selling goods or services to IRs or legal land-based gaming operators in Asia (either directly or further back in the supply chain), with those sales representing a significant part of your employer’s business
    • As an accountant, academic, analyst, banker, consultant, financier, government official, investor, lawyer, politician, regulator, researcher, trainer or other professional with a significant part of your work related to the IR or legal land-based gaming industry in Asia
  • You must have worked in the industry for a minimum of two years. The two years does not have to be unbroken.

Once someone is eligible for membership of the IR Academy, they remain eligible for membership for life, under the applicable rules of the IR Academy.

A requirement of membership is consent to have your name, organization and corporate title listed on The Academy website. It is the obligation of members to keep their details up to date. Please contact us for any updates to your details.

Only members of the IR Academy are eligible to vote for or to receive IR Academy Awards.

If you satisfy the membership eligibility requirements and wish to become a member, simply create an account.

Please contact IAG’s Client Relationship Manager, Caroline Iau, by emailing [email protected], if you believe any person listed as a member of the IR Academy does not satisfy the membership eligibility requirements.